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King Flooring has a quality range of vinyl in sheet, tiles and planks in the popular and realistic ‘timber-look’.

An affordable form of hard flooring, Vinyl is waterproof so perfect for kitchens, bathrooms or wet areas but softer and warmer than other hard flooring options.

Quality vinyl products are available in a variety of designs and looks - cushioned for comfort, insulating, easy to keep clean and offer indent resistant options.

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Luxury Vinyl Planking

Luxury Vinyl Planking Logo

Robert Malcolm’s range of luxury vinyl planking is made up of three primary layers. On top is an enhanced protective layer that makes it easy to clean and resistant to scratches and scuffs, and a protective clear film layer which adds durability and helps protect against rips, tears and gouges.

The printed design layer features very realistic natural wood visuals. And finally, the bottom-most layer (tile backing) adds structural strength and durability.

Luxury vinyl planking accurately represents real hardwood colours and textures for beauty in a vinyl product. It comes in authentic plank lengths and widths, featuring bevelled edges and ends.



22247 Straw - Luxury Vinyl Planking

22247 Straw

Room Setting

22877 Chestnut - Luxury Vinyl Planking

22877 Chestnut

Room Setting

22110 Cloud - Luxury Vinyl Planking

22110 Cloud

Room Setting

22231 Brandy - Luxury Vinyl Planking

22231 Brandy

22929 Concord - Luxury Vinyl Planking

22929 Concord

24125 Fog - Luxury Vinyl Planking

24125 Fog

24130 Sand - Luxury Vinyl Planking

24130 Sand

24277 Barley - Luxury Vinyl Planking

24277 Barley

24837 Harvest - Luxury Vinyl Planking

24837 Harvest

24842 Whiskey - Luxury Vinyl Planking

24842 Whiskey

24864 Peat - Luxury Vinyl Planking

24864 Peat

24918 Canvas - Luxury Vinyl Planking

24918 Canvas

24932 Scarpa - Luxury Vinyl Planking

24932 Scarpa

24958 Baltic - Luxury Vinyl Planking

24958 Baltic

24980 Bunker - Luxury Vinyl Planking

24980 Bunker

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet Vinyl Logo

King Flooring stock the tough and resistant sheet vinyl Studio Traffic 250 range from Jacobsen. 

With a polyurethane coating floors are easy to clean making for a healthier living environment. To give the appearance of a real wood floor the textures within the vinyl follow the grain in the design.

Antik Oak Light - Sheet Vinyl

Antik Oak Light

Tough & Resistant

Smart Walnut Brown - Sheet Vinyl

Smart Walnut Brown

Tough & Resistant

Soft Elm Brown - Sheet Vinyl

Soft Elm Brown

Tough & Resistant

Soft Elm Grey - Sheet Vinyl

Soft Elm Grey

Tough & Resistant

Soft Elm Natural - Sheet Vinyl

Soft Elm Natural

Tough & Resistant

Warm Oak Soft Brown - Sheet Vinyl

Warm Oak Soft Brown

Tough & Resistant

Antik Oak Light Natural - Sheet Vinyl

Antik Oak Light Natural

Tough & Resistant

Arcadia Brown Natural - Sheet Vinyl

Arcadia Brown Natural

Tough & Resistant

Arcadia Light Grege - Sheet Vinyl

Arcadia Light Grege

Tough & Resistant

Beech Light Natural - Sheet Vinyl

Beech Light Natural

Tough & Resistant