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King Flooring has an extensive range of commercial vinyl flooring options to suit commercial, education and healthcare environments with a practical focus on durability and health & safety.  Innovation in Vinyl flooring provides many options to deal with acoustics, waterproofing, high traffic and bacteria build-up.

You can trust us to find the best carpet and once your decision is made – we make it happen. Talk to your King Flooring specialist today.

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Luxury Vinyl Planking

Luxury Vinyl Planking Logo

Moduleo Transform

This hardwearing LVT flooring solution is a perfect blend of quality and performance. Its 0.55mm wear layer makes Moduleo Transform ideal for commercial use even in high traffic environments.

22941 Takahae - Moduleo Transform

22941 Takahae

Room Setting

24948 Wry Wood - Moduleo Transform

24948 Wry Wood

Room Setting

28160 Heron Wood - Moduleo Transform

28160 Heron Wood

Room Setting

22232 Plover Wood - Moduleo Transform

22232 Plover Wood

22246 Moa Wood - Moduleo Transform

22246 Moa Wood

22841 Wren Wood - Moduleo Transform

22841 Wren Wood

22911 Stitchwood - Moduleo Transform

22911 Stitchwood

22937 Quail Wood - Moduleo Transform

22937 Quail Wood

24232 Tern Wood - Moduleo Transform

24232 Tern Wood

24234 Finchwood - Moduleo Transform

24234 Finchwood

24242 Dove Wood - Moduleo Transform

24242 Dove Wood

24418 Stilt Wood - Moduleo Transform

24418 Stilt Wood

24570 Lark Wood - Moduleo Transform

24570 Lark Wood

24838 Grebe Wood - Moduleo Transform

24838 Grebe Wood

24868 Kea Wood - Moduleo Transform

24868 Kea Wood

Moduleo Impress

The name of our latest collection immediately makes clear what the collection represents, a truly unique impression. The embossed in register procedure contributes to the true to nature look and feel of the Moduleo Impress floors. With a wear layer of 0.55mm this collection is perfect for commercial applications where real impact is needed.

51222 Partridge - Moduleo Impress

51222 Partridge

51332 Dotterel - Moduleo Impress

51332 Dotterel

51992 Fern - Moduleo Impress

51992 Fern

54852 Cuckoo - Moduleo Impress

54852 Cuckoo

54880 Kiwi Wood - Moduleo Impress

54880 Kiwi Wood

54925 Kaka Wood - Moduleo Impress

54925 Kaka Wood

54991 Morepork Wood - Moduleo Impress

54991 Morepork Wood

55152 Kakapo Wood - Moduleo Impress

55152 Kakapo Wood

55935 Rook - Moduleo Impress

55935 Rook

55960 Saddleback Wood - Moduleo Impress

55960 Saddleback Wood

56230 Emperor - Moduleo Impress

56230 Emperor

56870 Pukeko Wood - Moduleo Impress

56870 Pukeko Wood

56938 Kakariki - Moduleo Impress

56938 Kakariki

58226 Starling - Moduleo Impress

58226 Starling

58346 Shearwater - Moduleo Impress

58346 Shearwater

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet Vinyl Logo

King Flooring predominantly stock the Tarkett range of commercial sheet vinyl from Jacobson. 

King Flooring also stock commerical grade hard wearing flooring from Carlisle Flooring’s Forbo Noviplank range. Forbo Noviplank is a commercial grade hard wearing flooring available in modern colours and designs with acoustics and slip resistance characteristics required in healthcare, educational and public buildings.

To source other brands contact the team at King Flooring.

Tarkett Range 1 - Sheet Vinyl

Tarkett Range 1

Acoustic granit acoustiflor

Tarkett Range 2 - Sheet Vinyl

Tarkett Range 2

Antistatic primo sd

Tarkett Range 3 - Sheet Vinyl

Tarkett Range 3

Wet room systems granit safe t

Tarkett Range 5 - Sheet Vinyl

Tarkett Range 5

Wall vinyl systems granit safe t

Tarkett Range 4 - Sheet Vinyl

Tarkett Range 4

Sports floor omnisports oak gunstock