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Meeting tight deadlines

Brad Main is property manager and director of Cantabria Home, Hospital and Retirement Village, and he originally chose King Flooring because they had been recommended by a friend.

Brad explains, 'One of the first jobs I met Aaron King on was in a commercial kitchen we have.  Earlier that day I had met another flooring contractor who advised we would have to close the kitchen down for several days in order to complete a vinyl job. When Aaron came to site, as soon as I mentioned kitchen he said “so you will need that completed over night then?” I laughed and said yes, do you think you could do that?

" No problem, leave it to us," Aaron replied.'

His quote was more than competitive and I gave him the go ahead...thinking to myself...I really can't see how they will get all that done. When the cook arrived at 5am the next day the vinyl was laid and the site was left spotless!'

Since that day King Flooring have supplied and laid product for Cantabria every month.  Brad believes their prices are sharp, their product knowledge is second to none in that they really go out of their way to make sure you are getting the correct product.

Brad explains that King Flooring's workmanship is of high standard, and that 'being privately owned and having long term staff means these guys care from beginning to end.'