King Flooring has the latest range of carpet and vinyl designed for every type of floor, taste, or budget. The team at King Flooring is experts when it comes to finding the right product for your floor right down to the best underlay.




Safety Vinyl

Underlay Options


King Flooring stocks an extensive carpet range from their trusted and quality-assured suppliers. The ranges include the latest wool, wool blend, synthetic, and solution-dyed carpets.

King Flooring also supports specialized suppliers and brands.

Making choices easy, King Flooring spends time getting to know your environment and lifestyle to find the right carpet for your home or investment property – from designer living to high-traffic family homes.

You can trust us to find the best carpet and once your decision is made – we make it happen. Talk to your King Flooring specialist today.


King Flooring has a quality range of vinyl in sheets, tiles, and planks in the popular and realistic timber-look.

An affordable form of hard flooring, Vinyl is waterproof so perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, or wet areas but softer and warmer than other hard flooring options.

Quality vinyl products are available in a variety of designs and look-cushioned for comfort, insulating, easy to keep clean and offer indent resistant options.

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Robert Malcolm’s range of luxury vinyl planking is made up of three primary layers. On top is an enhanced protective layer that makes it easy to clean and resistant to scratches and scuffs, and a protective clear film layer that adds durability and helps protect against rips, tears, and gouges.

The printed design layer features very realistic natural wood visuals. And finally, the bottom-most layer (tile backing) adds structural strength and durability.

Luxury vinyl planking accurately represents real hardwood colors and textures for beauty in a vinyl product. It comes in authentic plank lengths and widths, featuring beveled edges and ends.


King Flooring stocks the tough and resistant sheet vinyl Studio Traffic 250 range from Jacobsen.

With a polyurethane coating floors are easy to clean making for a healthier living environment. To give the appearance of a real wood floor the textures within the vinyl follow the grain in the design.


King Flooring predominantly stocks the Garage Carpet range from Belgotex. However, we can source any brand you need.

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Garage Carpet can turn your garage into a multipurpose space and give you a new area that adds an extra room home. Garage Carpet is also suitable for use in home gyms, laundries, and rumpus rooms. King Flooring has 2m wide available in stock.


Whether you’re building your new home or just renovating it is important to think about future-proofing for your needs over the years to come.

This is particularly important as you get older or where a member of the family has a disability or is wheelchair-bound. There are many practical but stylish safety flooring options available for wet areas that are designed for non-slip and hygiene.

Tarkett Safety Vinyl flooring is a high-performance, non-slip safety flooring suitable for all requirements from barefoot in wet areas to wheeled traffic.

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Commerical, industrial - wet areas, barefoot traffic only


Durable commercial flooring solution for heavy-traffic wet areas where safety is of utmost importance. It provides a confident grip and reduces the risk of slipping, even when covered with soap and water


Combines best-in-class performance with low-cost maintenance to deliver an ideal solution for heavy duty commercial and wet areas. It provides a confident grip for bare feet and reduces the risk of slipping, even when covered with soap and water.


Commerical, industrial - very heavy duty, wet or dry


Stick with only the best carpet underlay.

King Flooring knows from experience that what’s under your carpet is as important. Whichever carpet you choose we advise not to scrimp on the underlay – not only does it act as insulation for warmth and acoustics, it will also help your carpet last longer.

Urban Flooring underlay is made with recycled scrap from leading mattress manufacturers. The foam is carefully selected, and heat bonded to ensure that the underlay has no bacteria. This foam then receives a mesh laminated layer to offer the best performance and stability.


This medium-density underlay offers an affordable solution for daily use. Experience underfoot comfort with high performance with our Urban Classic underlay.

Thickness - 10mm
Density - 90kg/m3
Roll Size - 18m2


The ultimate in luxury, Urban Supreme is designed for those people who want just the best. An extremely popular product in our underlay range, it is designed for lavish comfort. Durable, thermal/acoustic insulating, and very, very cozy – this product wins the hearts of many.

Thickness - 11mm
Density - 130kg/m3
Roll Size - 18m2